Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

1. What does the service include?

The service includes data on administrative services, so-called service descriptions, and the regional authorities responsible for them, in addition to contact details, contact addresses and forms. The service is geared to the requests of citizens and business enterprises.

2. What is a request?

Requests are a need. In a given life situation, you need an "official" permit, a communication or an information. That is your request.

3. What is a service description?

A service description is intended to refer to specific requests, to identify, describe the necessary administrative service and to indicate how it can be used and under what conditions.

4. What is a competent body?

The competent authority is an authority or body that can/should provide a particular service for you and is actually legally responsible for it.

5. Why can't I find a competent body for my request?

The relevant authority (commune, state authority, federal authority) is probably not yet connected to the service and therefore the data are not available. In this case, a direct search via a search engine such as Google helps, because municipalities, state authorities and federal authorities have their own websites and there is therefore a great chance that one can also find appropriate contacts via a search query, to which one can contact.

6. Why can't I find an administrative service for my search term?

The service description you are looking for may be included in the system among other terms. It is best to click through the catalogue of circumstances. If nothing suitable is found there, a direct contact with the coordination of the citizen service will help: cio@mi.niedersachsen.de Subject: Citizen Service. Briefly describe your request.

7. Why is there no application form for some service descriptions?

This can have different causes:

  • The service contains a large form quota, but application forms are not yet available for all administrative services through the service. Most of the forms are found on services aimed at trades and crafts. It is best to contact the responsible body by email and ask for a form.
  • Forms may vary from municipality to municipality depending on the administrative service, so editors assign the forms to the relevant authorities. However, the editorial offices of the municipalities may not have yet made a form assignment. It is best to contact the responsible body by email and ask for a form.
  • No formal application is required for the administrative service. This should be inferred from the description. An informal cover letter is sufficient as a request.

8. Why is my municipality not represented in the service?

Not all municipalities in Lower Saxony are currently fully connected to the service. This can be for technical or organisational reasons.

9. I haven't found anything because my request is a bit complicated. Can I also process my request via the contact form of the Citizens and Enterprise Service?

The civic and business service is a pure information system. Direct processing of the proceedings is only possible with competent authorities. However, you can use the contact form to contact the coordination. This will be sent to the appropriate body. Link to the form: Contact form

10. Can I also handle administrative tasks via the service?

This service can only be used to carry out administrative procedures in sub-areas if electronic applications are already available. For larger projects such as the establishment of a branch, a special portal for the processing of applications is available: www.dienstleisterportal.niedersachsen.de. This is aimed at people from the service sector and the craft sector.

11. Can I submit petitions or complaints via the service via the contact form?

Only information on the relevant bodies can be provided on the coordination of the civic and business services. Direct procedural procedures are not possible. Nor can legal aid be granted.

12. I found a content error, how can I report it?

Please report the error using the contact form. Link to the form: Contact form

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