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There are 5 services for Unemployment

If you do not have enough money available to finance your necessary livelihood yourself, then you can apply for unemployment benefit II.
Whois on a business start-up Benefits for integration in accordance with Section 16 SGB 2 or Benefits to secure a living in accordance with Section 20 Of the SGB 2 from...
If you want to start an independent, full-time job out of unemployment in order to end it (start-up), you can receive a financial start-up grant from the Federal Employment...
According to the Undeclared Work Act of 23.07.2004, undeclared work is carried out by those who provide or have carried out services and withholds social security...
In the case of unemployment or low income (e.g. from unemployment benefit I or professional activity), persons of employment aged 15 up to the statutory age limit between 65 and...
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