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Declaratory Court

Determination procedure

There are 7 services for Declaratory Court

Proof of disability is the badge for the severely disabled. This shall be issued if the established degree of disability (GdB) is at least 50 and other conditions are met. In...
If you have any questions concerning the official determination of a disability,the compensation of disadvantages due to the identified disability, the issue and renewal of...
In the event of significant changes in the health conditions of the applicant disabled person, the competent authority shall re-establish the disability. At the same time, the...
In the event of expiry or loss of the previous badge for the severely disabled, the change of name or other important data, the badge for the severely disabled must be reapplied.
Since a new identification card in the form of a cheque card has been introduced since 01.01.2013, it may no longer be technically possible to renew badges for the severely...
The first issue of a badge for the severely disabled must be requested in writing.
In the field of severely disabled matters, the competent body shall: Identification of disabilities under the Severely Disabled Law (SGB IX) including disadvantage...
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