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Dental services promote dental health for children and adolescents with age-appropriate programmes
Media centres and image centres support the school promoter with regard to the provision of appropriate media and equipment to schools, day care centres and other educational...
Do you live abroad or are you planning to move abroad and would like to register your child at a German school? Find out more about German schools abroad here.
Here you will find information on admission to an evening grammar school as well as on special features of the type of school.
On request, compulsory education may be suspended: to attend a language course with insufficient knowledge of German, for bringing up children after the expiry of the...
The best way to achieve school safety is through the cooperation of the administration, the police, politicians, schools and parents. On the basis of collected data (police...
The competent regional State Office for School and Education may determine that compulsory education is suspended during the attendance of this supplementary school for a...
If you suffer an accident at the workplace or on the way there, an accident insurance institution will pay for the consequences insofar as they affect your health. The same...
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