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Recreational Activities

There are 8 services for Recreational Activities

If you want to fish in Lower Saxony, you often need a fishing licence. It is not compulsory under fisheries law; however, most fishing rightholders make it a condition for...
If you want to practice hunting, you have to successfully take a hunter's exam and get a hunting license. The hunter test is carried out by the competent authority. The...
Public libraries are an essential part of the freely accessible information, education and cultural offerings in our society. They are usually municipal institutions. No other...
Your town or municipality offers its inhabitants leisure areas (barbecue area, park, children's playground, Bolzplatz etc.) and leisure facilities for use.
Since 01.01.2014 there has been a new advisory structure for senior citizens in Lower Saxony. The new counselling centres not only replace the previous form of senior services...
The sport boat licence distinguishes between the motor and sail areas. The inland motor sports boat licence (SBF Binnen Motor) is the official driving licence for driving...
Public events (such as exhibitions, guided tours, concerts) take place in the buildings of the local government.
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