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Support and Financial Relief

There are 7 services for Support and Financial Relief

If you need financial support for your school education or studies, you can apply for a temporary low-interest education loan under certain conditions.
If the cooperation decree has been rejected, you can apply for hardship waiver of your loan under certain conditions.
Students receive funding in the form of a grant (50%) from the start of the training, but not for periods prior to application if there is a proven need. and an interest-free...
The support for gifted people in Germany consists mainly of study grants awarded by gifted grants and foundations to particularly gifted students, mostly in the form of...
If you received BAföG support during your studies, you must repay the loan portion.
The aim of the promotion of training under the Federal Training Promotion Act (BAföG) is to give young people the opportunity to complete school or higher education,...
In many cases, support for training can also be granted for a period of study or school training (including traineeships). In order to promote a training stay abroad, you must...
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