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Work Abroad

The Europa-Job-Center offers a wide range of information and advice to workers who wish to work in another EU country or to complete training there. The aim of the Europa-Job-Center is to provide employment for interested parties.

Services of the Europa-Job-Center:

  • Individual and free advice for all interested parties
  • Support for interested parties in finding suitable job opportunities in EU countries and on the international labour market
  • Information on working and living conditions in European countries
  • Information on social security issues when starting work abroad in Europe
  • Advice on continuing education offers
  • Support and advice for employers from EU countries in the search for workers in Saxony-Anhalt and the rest of Germany
  • Support for bringing together workers who are ready to work and employers offering jobs
  • Specific activities for the placement of young people under 25 who are willing to travel to the European labour market, such as measures to prepare for stays abroad and supported internships abroad

There are 34 services for Work Abroad

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