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Donation of An Organ

Organ donation is a very personal matter. For or against - this is a decision that no one can take away from you. Some people find the idea of having an organ taken from them after death unpleasant. Others feel that organ donation can help them do something for other people even after their death.

In any case, the need for donor organs is high, and many people have been waiting for years for a suitable organ. In order to be able to help them, it is important to decide for or against organ donation and to record the decision in an organ donation card. This ensures that the doctors will act according to your wishes.

In addition to the living, organs are also eligible for people whose brain functions have already been extinguished, but whose cardiovascular system is still artificially maintained.
For successful organ donation, it is essential that donated organs are healthy and functional. Therefore, in the case of a brain death in the case of an existing consent, various examinations are carried out immediately before the removal of the organ in order to check its functioning.

You can apply for an organ donation card here.

Further information on organ donation can be obtained from the Federal Centre for Health Education.

There is one service for Donation of An Organ

Due to a serious illness or accident, you may suddenly need a life-saving organ or tissue transplant for yourself, a family member, or a close person. In Lower Saxony alone,...
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