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Citizenship Affairs

There are 7 services for Citizenship Affairs

If you live abroad and have to give up your German citizenship because you want to acquire another nationality, you can apply for dismissal under certain conditions.
In many areas of daily life, there is a need to have documents or copies, as well as copies or printouts of documents, certified. A prerequisite for the official certification...
From 1 September 2011, the electronic residence permit (eAT) will be introduced nationwide. The eAT is a plastic card made of polycarbonate (PC) in cheque card format, with...
The electronic residence permits (eAT) are issued and handed over as a separate document in credit card format with additional electronic functions. Inside the map, the eAT has...
If you want to enter Germany for a long-term stay, you must apply for a national visa.
Formal proof of possession of German nationality is provided by a nationality card. This card is required for certain legal transactions or legal relationships (e.g. adoption,...
The official certification of signatures is used for identity checks. The competent body may certify signatures if: the signed document is required for submission to a German...
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