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If you have paid more than 2 percent of your gross family income as statutory co-payments in the current calendar year, you can be exempted from this for the rest of the year....
If you can no longer cope independently at home because of your need for care and are not cared for at home, care in a nursing home is necessary. Upon request, your long-term...
If you live in an institution for people with disabilities, you may be entitled to social long-term care insurance benefits.
If you are in need of care and are cared for at home, you can be provided with care aids.
Under certain conditions, statutory health insurance companies cover the costs of medically necessary orthodontic treatment for children and adolescents. You can get your own...
If your private caregiver cannot care for you due to vacation or illness, your nursing care fund pays the costs of replacement in certain cases.
The statutory health insurance companies cover the costs of a medically necessary sterilization.
You can receive medical rehab from pension insurance if your earning capacity is impaired by illness or disability.
The right to care is a special form of state legal care. It regulates legal assistance and care for those of an adult who, because of a mental illness or a physical, mental or...
For a lifetime, you could move freely without the help of others. Suddenly, however, you need regular care, outside help, a barrier-free housing situation and other support and...
People in need of care, who are generally cared for at home, can be cared for during the day in a day care facility.
Dementia - this diagnosis causes alarm among sufferers and relatives alike. Dementia is more than simple memory disorders. They affect the whole personality of the person: his...
Dental care serves to examine teeth and oral cavity in detail in order to be able to detect and treat any dental, oral and jaw diseases at an early stage.
You can receive farm and household assistance benefits from the Agricultural Health Insurance Fund (LKK) if you are absent as a result of illness, hospital treatment, preventive...
If you are studying, you will need health insurance - through family insurance or independently.
If you are studying, you will need to take out health insurance – through family insurance or independently.
If certain conditions are met for the provision of subsistence assistance, the Social Security Office shall assist in the procurement of an apartment or a place to live. Special...
Currently, about 2/3 patients in Lower Saxony are cared for and cared for in their own homes by outpatient care services or by relatives.Low-threshold care services ensure...
In the event of an accident or an occupational disease, accident insurance covers the costs of medical, dental or accident medical treatment instead of health insurance.
Health insurance companies offer services for the prevention of diseases for mothers and fathers.
Rehabilitation can help you to avoid the permanent onset of a disability or need for care or to cope better with the consequences.
Persons with statutory health insurance are entitled to medical treatment.
Persons with health insurance are entitled to a supply of medicinal products subject to pharmacy requirements and to the supply of dressings.
People suffering from a serious mental illness or disability may be forcibly admitted to a closed psychiatric facility if they present a significant risk to themselves or others...
Insured persons who are seriously mentally ill and are not able to independently use medical or medically prescribed services are entitled to sociotherapy.
Insured persons are entitled to stress testing and occupational therapy if such benefits cannot be provided under the rules applicable to other social security institutions.
In special or severe exceptional cases, the statutory health insurance participates in orthodontic treatments of adults or implants.
The health insurance covers the costs of supplementary rehabilitation services.
Mentally ill people need professional support and help in a crisis situation. The Social Psychiatric Service (SpDi) supports and cares for these persons. The aim is to enable...
The statutory health insurance funds bear the costs of the vaccinations recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO).
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