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In school, the foundation stone is laid for lifelong learning, crucial prerequisites for a successful professional life are created and values and rules of coexistence in our society are taught. That is why it is all the more important. that the right school is selected for a child. Here you will find an overview of school types, degrees, school law and much more.

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If possible, people with disabilities should also be trained in "regular" recognised training occupations. If you or a person with a disability who you are caring for are not...
A document that you have to submit for funding is the so-called "Form Z". On this form, you must confirm that you meet the professional admission requirements for the...
As the sponsor of a registered supplementary school in Lower Saxony, you can apply for recognition of your school. If a supplementary vocational school provides complete...
The competent regional State Office for School and Education may determine that compulsory education is suspended during the attendance of this supplementary school for a...
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