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Additional benefits for children with disabilities in nurseries and kindergartens Permit

The aim of integration assistance is to prevent or mitigate a disability. If your child has a disability or is at risk of disability, you may be granted additional benefits for childcare in the daycare centre. For this, an individual need for support must be identified.

Your child can be cared for in an inclusive group with children with disabilities and without disabilities, or alone in a group with children without disabilities (individual integration). Additional services are possible in nativity groups (children under the age of 3), kindergarten groups (children from the age of 3) and in hoarding groups (from enrolment to the age of 14).

In the case of a specific need for support, children can also be cared for in a therapeutic kindergarten for children with a mental or physical disability, in a language therapy kindergarten or in a therapeutic pedagogical kindergarten for children with a hearing impairment.

In language nurseries or nurseries for children with hearing impairments, children with not only temporary significant speech or hearing impairments – usually after the age of 4 – are cared for. There you will receive both therapeutic and medical-therapeutic services.

Healing pedagogical kindergartens, language nurseries and nurseries for children with hearing impairments have specialised in the promotion and care of children with disabilities. They do not always offer joint care for children with and without disabilities. If the institution of the integration assistancedetermines an individual need for support for yourchild, he will cover the costs of the benefits. Your income and assets may be credited.

In a language therapy kindergarten or in a therapeutic pedagogical kindergarten for children with a hearing impairment, therapeutic and medical-therapeutic services are provided together as "language healing treatment " (interdisciplinary complex performance). The basis for this is the Lower Saxony "Agreement on the promotion of therapeutic education and medical therapies in language nurseries". The local provider of integration assistance determines whether your child has a need - with the participation of the specialist advice on hearing, language and vision of the Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family Affairs.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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