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Motor vehicle re-registration

As a vehicle owner, register your vehicle to a new address and apply for a new vehicle registration numberif you move your residence to another municipality.

Re-labelling (assignment of a new number plate) may be waived if the vehicle is changed within registration areas where the same distinguishing marks are kept. This applies only to the cities and counties or the regions of Göttingen, Hanover, Oldenburg and Osnabrück. As things stand, there are no plans to extend the relabelling waiver to other approval areas.

The obligation to change the name of the vehicle owner to another registration area, as stipulated in the Vehicle Registration Ordinance, was lifted on 01.01.2015. Vehicle owners can now decide for themselves whether they want to continue to keep the previous number plate or whether to have a new one allocated to them when changing their residence within the federal territory. It should be noted that the obligation to notify the competent authority of the change of residence remains and that a modification of the registration certificate Part I (vehicle certificate) is still required.
For further information, please contact the competent body.

Process flow

If you are already in possession of the Registration Certificate Part II and there is still room for registration, the change will be made there. If you still have a vehicle letter, a new Registration Certificate Part II will be issued. In any case, you will receive a new registration certificate Part I.

Who should I contact?

The responsibility lies with the district, the district-free city and the municipality, the velvet municipality and the city entrusted with this task.

The main residence is decisive according to the identity card. In the case of legal persons, this is the place of business of the principal or the registered office of the branch.


  • Already taken residence Registration or residence re-registration

Which documents are required?

  • Identity card or passport with current registration confirmation - maximum 3 months old
  • Approval certificate Part I
  • in case of re-registration with allotment of a new number: Registration certificate Part II
  • valid test report of the last main investigation (HU)
  • previous/s number plate
  • electronic insurance confirmation (eVB) in accordance with Section 23 vehicle registration ordinance (FZV)
  • if necessary, reservation confirmation for the desired number plate
  • SEPA direct debit mandate for the collection of vehicle tax
    • This must be submitted in writing in the original signed by the holder in the case of approval, including by third parties. In the event of a different account holder/account holder, this mandate must be signed in the original by the holder and by the account holder. The specified bank details must be proven.
    • Alternatively:
      • Certificate under which the Main Customs Office waives the collection of motor vehicle tax, or
      • Proof of exemption

in addition, in the case of completion by third parties:

  • informal written authorisation of the applicant and identity card of the person for whom the vehicle is to be registered

for companies additionally:

  • Extract from the Commercial Register or Commercial Register
  • the identity documents of the responsible person entitled to sign (Managing Director, Authorized Representative) and their power of attorney

You can obtain the insurance confirmation via the motor insurance at the insurance of your choice. In most cases, you can request insurance confirmation by phone from your insurance company.

What are the fees?

There are fees. Please contact the appropriate body.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

Your vehicle must be re-reported immediately.

Applications / forms

The application for authorisation must be submitted by the holder or a person authorised in writing. If applications/forms are necessary, you can obtain them in advance from the competent authority and fill them out at home.

What else should I know?

You can have new license plates produced by private providers, most of whom are located near the responsible authority, during the re-registration process. The cost of the signs is not included in the fees. The markings are then provided by the competent authority with plaques for the main examination (HU) and the registration district.

Information for the reservation of a desired number plate contains the service "Vehicle registration number: Reservation - Desired number plate".


The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

The text was automatically translated based on the German content.

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