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Matters of expellees and ethnic German repatriates

Expellees are persons who, as German citizens or ethnic Germans, had their residence in the German eastern territories formerly under foreign administration or in the areas outside the borders of the German Reich according to the territorial status of 31 December 1937 and lost this in connection with events of the Second World War as a result of expulsion, in particular by expulsion or flight.

Ethnic German repatriates are members of German minorities from the states of Eastern and Southeastern Europe as well as the republics of the former Soviet Union. Because of the suffering inflicted on them, particularly as a result of the Second World War, the Federal Republic of Germany considers it its historical obligation to take in these people in Germany. The largest number of ethnic German repatriates comes from the republics of the former Soviet Union.

The Friedland transit camp is the only initial reception centre in Germany for ethnic German repatriates and their family members. After arrival, they are registered by the branch office of the Federal Office of Administration and distributed to the federal states.

Accommodation, care, care and transfer are provided by the Friedland transit camp -Niedersächsisches Zentrum für Integration-

Who should I contact?

The responsibility lies with the Federal Office of Administration in the Bramsche branch office.

Information on the old cases in Lower Saxony can also be obtained from the district, the district-free city, the Hanover region, the city of Göttingen and the large independent city. You can also contact the State Commissioner for Expellees and Ethnic German Repatriates.

Information about expellees and ethnic German repatriates can be found on the website of the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior and Sport

Which documents are required?

No documents are required.

What are the fees?

There are no fees.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

There are no deadlines to be observed.

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