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Nature conservation

The aim of nature conservation is to preserve nature and landscape on the basis of their own value and as the basis of human life. Since it is becoming increasingly clear that overexploitation and destruction of nature and landscape can have serious negative consequences for humans, the restoration, preservation and long-term and sustainable usability of the natural balance are sought. Because of their importance in the ecosystem, but also their endangerment, the animal and plant species enjoy special protection.

for nature conservation and the implementation of the Nature Conservation Act and thus the first point of contact for the citizens are the districts and independent cities as lower nature conservation authorities.

The Lower Saxony State Agency for Water Management, Coastal and Nature Conservation (NLWKN) as the higher nature conservation authority designates nature reserves and looks after them, but can also grant exemptions from the prohibitions of nature reserves and issue exemptions under species protection law exemptions and exemptions. In some cases, the districts and independent cities are also responsible for exemptions under species protection law.

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