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Biosphere Reserves

Since 1998, the "Biosphere Reserve" has been included in the Federal Nature Conservation Act as a separate category of protected area (such as national parks, nature reserves, landscape conservation areas, etc.).

The Lower Saxon Elbtalaue Biosphere Reserve extends over about 90 kilometres of electricity from Schnackenburg to Hohnstorf near Lauenburg. It has a total size of about 56,760 hectares. Within the area, some 34,010 hectares have been declared an EU bird sanctuary. 21,780 hectares are FFH area, partly in cover with the bird sanctuary.

Biosphere reserves are model regions in which, together with the people living and working here, an economic form of land use is to be developed and implemented, which at the same time protects and cares for a sustainable environment and certain habitats for plants and animals.

In addition, biosphere reserves will serve research and education purposes.

In order to meet all objectives, they are divided into different zones, graded according to the influence of human activity. Biosphere reserves shall be legally established, uniformly protected and developed areas which:

  1. large-scale and characteristic of certain types of landscape,
  2. in substantial parts of its territory meet the requirements of a nature reserve, in addition, predominantly a protected landscape area,
  3. the preservation, development or restoration of a landscape characterised by its diverse use and the diversity of species and biotopes that have grown historically therein, including wild and former forms of culture of economically exploited or usable animal and plant species, serve and
  4. exemplary for the development and testing of the natural goods particularly gentle economics.

The objectives of the Biosphere Reserve go far beyond the protection of nature. It is intended to open up opportunities for a new coexistence between people and nature and perspectives for the sustainable development of the region. For example, the Biosphere Reserve Act contains a number of statements on regional issues, the promotion of regional development, the cooperation of all actors in the area in partnership and the raising of funding. But territorial information, environmental education and research are also among the statutory objectives of the Biosphere Reserve. The Biosphere Reserve gives new impetus to the tourist development of the area.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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