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Funeral execution

In Germany, funerals are generally carried out by funeral homes, commonly called undertakers. You can select different types of burial. Depending on the region, you can choose between

  • inhumation
  • Cremation (forest burial, sea burial, urn burial)
  • Anonymous burial

Burial is possible no earlier than 48 hours after death. Exceptions can be allowed by the competent health authority for good cause.

Are liable for burial (relatives)

  • nonexistent
  • not to determine,
  • untraceable.


  • they do not comply with their duty or do not do so in time


  • no one else arranges the burial,

the local regulatory authority responsible for the place of death or retrieval must ensure the burial.

Corpses are to be buried or cremated within 8 days of the onset of death. Urns are to be buried within one month after cremation. With the exception of sea burial, there is a legal cemetery obligation for all burials.

The following are obliged to undertake burial in this order:

  • spouse or registered civil partner,
  • Descendants (children, grandchildren),
  • ancestors (parents, grandparents),
  • sibling.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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