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Documents and copies: certification

In many areas of daily life, there is a need to have documents or copies, as well as copies or printouts of documents, certified. A prerequisite for the official certification of documents and copies is that the original has been issued by a German authority or that the document or copy to be certified is required for presentation to an authority, e.g. certificates, certificates, Certificates of approval and notices.

Documents and copies may not be officially certified if:

  • the original has not been drawn up by an authority or the certification is intended for submission to an authority (e.g. so-called "Reich citizen declarations and documents financing documents, inheritance matters),
  • the exclusive competence of another authority is given (e.g. civil status deeds only the registry office, certified extracts from the property register - only from the cadastral office),
  • the assumption that the original content of the document, the copying, copying or printout of which is to be authenticated, has been amended, in particular if this document contains gaps, deletions, interventions, amendments, illegible words , contains numbers or signs, traces of the removal of words, numbers and signs, or where the relationship of a document consisting of several sheets is removed,
  • a public certification, drawn up by a notary or a court, is required instead of an official certification and cannot be replaced by an official certification,

If the document is not drawn up in German, a certified translation may be required to check the existence of a prohibition on certification. The regulations on the confirmation of foreign documents by legalization or apostille remain unaffected.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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