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Land reference values serve the transparency of the real estate market. They represent zone-by-zone average location values with value-influencing characteristics that should apply to the majority of properties in the zone. It is always assumed that the property is undeveloped, regardless of a real development. In the information, the land reference value is given in euros per square meter as well as with its value-determining characteristics. In addition to property market transparency, the land reference values also serve tax purposes.

The determination of the land reference values is based on actual purchase cases. According to the Building Code, notarizing bodies are obliged to send copies of the purchase contracts to the offices of the expert committees for property values. The expert committees evaluate the contracts for undeveloped areas and derive land reference values from them. If there are no or too few purchase contracts for an area, other variables can also be used for determination, e.g. index series or rents.

The soil reference values are determined and decided by the expert committees.

The expert committees are responsible for certain regions in Lower Saxony defined by the state; they are composed of chairpersons and honorary members. The presiding members are members of the surveying and cadastral administration. Honorary members are expert persons from the broad field of the real estate industry, e.g. from the field of architecture, civil engineering, agriculture, finance or brokerage.

A committee of experts is always self-employed and independent. To support the completion of tasks, each expert committee has an office, which is also located at the surveying and cadastral administration.

Process flow

Land reference values in Lower Saxony are available free of charge on the Internet:

Real estate market Lower Saxony

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The selected ground reference value is displayed to you with its value-influencing characteristics.

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Real estate market Lower Saxony

Who should I contact?

Office of the Higher Committee of Experts


Regional Directorate Oldenburg-Cloppenburg
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26122 Oldenburg, Germany

Expert committees for property values in Lower Saxony

Competent authority

For individual inquiries about specific land reference values, you will find the expert committee locally responsible for you on the website of the expert committees in Lower Saxony. For general technical questions, please use the address under "Contact point".

Expert committees for property values in Lower Saxony



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Processing duration

The soil reference values can be accessed at any time on the Internet.

Applications / forms

Forms available: No

Online procedure: Yes

Written form required: No

Personal appearance required: No


Conversion tables may be provided for individual land reference values. For example, if a land reference value depends on the area size of a plot, the land reference value refers to a specific specified area. Conversion coefficients allow conversion in the event of deviating areas. Conversions can also be defined for other characteristics.

Under legally defined conditions, there may also be special land reference values that have been determined at a different time than the regular cycle. This may be the case, for example, in an urban redevelopment area. On the basis of increases in land reference values influenced by remediation, the municipality can levy compensatory contributions from the owners.


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