Adoption (adoption agency)

If you have decided to adopt a child, the path leads to an adoption agency.

In principle, in addition to married couples, single persons can also adopt a child. In the case of unmarried couples or couples living in a civil partnership, only one partner can adopt the child at a time.

However, as an attempt is made to provide the children concerned with a stable living environment in order to keep the risk of a new change of caregiver as small as possible, the chances of finding a place for married couples are generally greater.

The principle of any adoption mediation is that no children are sought for parents, but parents for children. Before making a decision to consider adoption applicants, there is therefore a lot to clarify or examine.

An application for an adoption and the determination of the suitability as an adoption applicant does not guarantee that an adoption can actually take place!

If you are lucky enough to be able to have a child, you will take on all obligations or burdens for or through the child during the period of adoption care. The adoption agency of the competent youth office will supervise you during this time and prepare an expert statement for the court, which ultimately decides on the adoption.

As an adoption applicant, you will not receive a care allowance as you enter into the rights and obligations of biological parents.

After a reasonable period of care, you can apply for adoption at the guardianship court. This application must be notarised. The guardianship court shall examine the necessary conditions for adoption and may decide on adoption.

Adoption is a permanent commitment to the child and you as an adoptive parent. They must be aware that a child cannot be returned if conflicts arise or if the child's development does not go according to their own ideas.

Age of adoptive parents:

You must be at least 25 years old. For married couples, one partner must be 25 years old, the other at least 21 years old. The age difference between child and adoptive parents should not be different from the average age difference for biological parents and children.

An upper age limit is not set by law. However, there is a recommendation of the Federal Association of The State Youth Officesto consider adoption with an age gap between child and parent of more than 40 years only in exceptional cases.

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