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Applying for a subsidy for old-age security as a foster parent/caregiver

Caregivers in full-time care (§ 33 SGB VIII) and suitable caregivers in the accommodation of a mentally handicapped young person (§ 35a (2) sentence 2 number 3 SGB VIII) can receive half of the subsidy for an adequate retirement provision. This also applies to maternity care.

The pension subsidy is granted to a caregiver. In the case of foster parent couples, the main caregiver (according to the help plan) receives the subsidy. If both foster parents are named in the support plan, this is usually the person with the lower volume of employment if the two foster parents have different levels of employment. In the case of the same volume of employment, the foster parents determine which of them should receive the pension subsidy.

Process flow

Pleaseinquire at your local youth welfare office or foster child service.

Who should I contact?

The local youth welfare office

Which documents are required?


What are the fees?

There are no costs for the application.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

There is no deadline.

Processing duration

It may take some time for the Youth Welfare Office to process the applications.

Technically approved by

Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour, Health and Equality


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