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Apply for accompanying assistance in working life for working and self-employed severely disabled people

The accompanying help in working life makes it easier for severely disabled people to realize their professional potential in the best possible way and not to be at a disadvantage in the workplace compared to non-disabled people. This support is provided in close cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency and the other rehabilitation providers. They are intended to ensure that severely disabled people are employed on an equal footing in jobs where they can contribute and develop their skills and knowledge.

Accompanying assistance supports severely disabled employees:

  • for technical work aids
  • to reach the workplace
  • for the establishment and maintenance of an independent professional existence
  • for the procurement, furnishing and maintenance of a disability-friendly apartment
  • to participate in measures to maintain and develop professional knowledge and skills, and
  • in special situations in life
  • Assumption of the costs for necessary work assistance

In addition, sponsors of inclusive companies and integration specialist services and offers for information, training and educational work can be supported. Accompanying help in working life can also be, for example, psychosocial support for severely disabled people.

Process flow

You submit an application to the Integration Office and submit the required documents. The prerequisite for all types of benefits is the existence of the severely disabled status or equality, which must be proven. In addition, documents related to employment are required. In individual cases, it may also be necessary to provide proof of financial situation.

The documents will be checked and, if necessary, further requests will be made to clarify the facts. After completion of the examination, there is usually a company visit or a visit to the applicant. You will then receive either a notification of a requested benefit or a rejection notice. Each procedure is individual, depending on the benefit/funding requested.

Providers of integration services: The Integration Office concludes contractual agreements on the assignment as an integration specialist service. These include all aspects of the areas of responsibility, staffing and space, quality control and financing of services. The refinancing to the sponsor is carried out entirely on the basis of this contractual agreement. In this respect, no application is made.

Inclusion projects: The actual volume of new applications for services to providers of integration projects in Lower Saxony does not justify the administrative, professional and technical effort involved in developing a specified application process.

Implementation of information, education and training measures: The Lower Saxony Integration Office develops a training programme with training and education measures per calendar year, which is primarily aimed at company representatives and functionaries. There will be no application process.

Vocational orientation: Corresponding services are currently not included in the service catalogue of the Lower Saxony Integration Office.

Budget for work and budget for training: The provision of services is not provided to the severely disabled people, but as a reimbursement of costs to the local authorities, which approve and pay out the budget benefits of the budget for work/the budget for training. An overview of the approvals that have been granted is sent to the Integration Office in a bundled form for the accounting period of a calendar year. The reimbursement is not made on a pro rata basis on a case-by-case basis, but in the aggregate to the respective local authority. There is no actual application process.

Who should I contact?

In Lower Saxony, the Integration Office of the Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family is responsible.


  • You are a severely disabled employee, civil servant or self-employed person and need support to overcome disadvantages on the labour market compared to non-disabled people


  • You are an employer and would like to support severely disabled employees


  • As a provider of integration companies and specialist services, they offer support for severely disabled employees
  • Jobs are also considered to be jobs in which employees are employed on a fixed-term or part-time basis for at least 15 hours, or at least twelve hours per week in inclusive companies.

Which documents are required?

  • The present application
  • Employment contract, certificate of appointment or proof of self-employment
  • Notice of determination of the recognised disability
  • Severely disabled person's ID card or notice of equal opportunities
  • Cost estimates, if applicable

What are the fees?

Fee: free of charge

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

In principle, there are no deadlines to be met. In principle, the submission of the application is required before the planned measure is carried out.

Processing duration

Processing Time: 1 - 3 Months
This is only an approximate indication. Due to the diversity of the cases, the respective processing time also differs.

Applications / forms

Forms available: Yes

Written form required: Yes

Informal application possible: Yes

Personal appearance required: No


Appeal before the Administrative Court

Technically approved by

Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour, Health and Equality

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