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Applying for the right to use a grave site

In the event of death or for precautionary purposes, you can acquire the right to use a gravesite. You will receive a certificate proving the right of use. You acquire the right of use for a certain period of time.

A funeral home can also obtain this right from the cemetery administration on your behalf.

There are usually different grave sites, such as row, urn or elective graves.

The period of use can be extended upon request if the cemetery statutes provide for this.

Process flow

You can apply for the purchase of a right to use a grave site at the competent municipality in which the cemetery is located:

  • First, you submit your application and the required documents.
  • If necessary, you will be asked to provide missing documents.
  • The competent authority examines the conditions for the acquisition of the right to use the burial site.

If the right of use can be acquired, you will receive the notification and a certificate of award from the competent authority.


The requirements may differ from one municipality to another, please contact the relevant authority.

Which documents are required?

Please contact the relevant authority.

What are the fees?

The costs vary depending on the municipality.

Legal basis

Municipal Cemetery Statutes


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