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Applying for funding for supplementary integration measures for ethnic German repatriates

This measure by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) is intended to support ethnic German repatriates in the process of arrival and catch-up integration.

With funding from the BAMF, you as a non-profit organisation or municipality can carry out the measure "On the road together: identity, recognition, encounter".
In order for it to be checked whether you can receive funding, you must submit a formal application, a concept description and proof of the qualifications of the staff employed on the basis of the concept of measures.

In courses, events and excursions, you will work together with the target group on content from the following areas:

  • identity and diversity,
  • engagement and participation,
  • occupation, further education and self-employment, as well as
  • Family, upbringing and education.

You can apply for funding at the BAMF via the funding portal.

Process flow

You can submit your application for funding for the implementation of the supplementary integration measure "Travelling Together: Identity, Recognition, Encounter" electronically via the portal to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

  • If the application deadline for the benefit is currently running, you can submit an application electronically via the portal.
  • Go to the web portal. There you will be guided step by step through the process.
  • Fill out the application and submit it.
  • If you do not have the D-Trust certificate, you must print out and sign the application in addition to the electronic submission and send it to the BAMF together with the other application documents in the next step.
  • Upon receipt of the application by the BAMF, you will receive a confirmation of receipt.
  • After reviewing your application, the responsible department at the BAMF will contact you to clarify any queries you may have.
  • You will receive a decision on your application.
  • In the event of a positive decision, you will receive a grant notification by post.


The following can apply for funding for supplementary integration measures for ethnic German repatriates:

  • legal entities that can prove this by means of an excerpt from the association or commercial register
  • Municipalities and local authorities

Other requirements:

  • You must have proper management, which can be proven, for example, by self-declarations and confirmations from the tax office.

Which documents are required?

When applying, you must submit:

  • Concept presentation,
  • Personnel forms and, where applicable, proof of qualifications of the personnel deployed,
  • Clearance certificate in tax matters,
  • Notice of exemption (if applicable),
  • Declaration of proper payment of social security contributions and taxes,
  • Excerpt from the register of associations/commercials,
  • Applicable: Statutes of the association/(g)GmbH, rules of procedure

Samples for the attachments can be downloaded from the BAMF website

What are the fees?


What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

Applications can be submitted until 30.09. of the current year.

Offers for ethnic German repatriates on the website of the BAMF

Processing duration

  • for the processing of the application: usually 2 to 4 weeks

Applications / forms

Forms: yes,
Online procedure possible: yes
Written form required: no
Personal appearance required: no

easy-Online - Electronic form system for applications, offers and sketches


  • Contradiction
  • Administrative Court Action

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Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI)

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