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Report pension receipt to the artists' social security fund

As a person who is subject to compulsory insurance through the Artists' Social Insurance Fund (KSK), you can apply for a pension from the responsible pension insurance institution. To do this, you must meet the requirements.
The responsible pension insurance institution will inform you about the exact requirements for a pension. After your application, the pension insurance institution will check the requirements. At the end of the procedure, you will receive a notification of your application.

If you receive a pension, your previous obligation to be insured with the KSK may change:

  • If you receive a standard old-age pension ("normal" pension), your previous obligation to be insured in the pension insurance scheme ends. Exception: You explicitly request that pension insurance contributions continue to be paid.
  • If you receive a full pension due to old age or total disability, your contribution amount to the statutory health insurance will be reduced. Because of the pension, you are no longer entitled to sickness benefit.
  • If you receive a full pension and change it to a partial pension or vice versa, this may also have an impact on your insurance obligation.

Process flow

If you have received or applied for a pension from the statutory pension insurance:

  • Inform the KSK informally that you have submitted the pension application.
  • If necessary, answer any queries from the pension insurance provider and the KSK immediately.
  • Submit a copy of the pension notice to the KSK as soon as possible.
    • The KSK provides a PDF form on its website for this purpose.
    • Download the PDF form.
    • Send the completed and signed form with a copy of your pension notice by post to the address of the KSK given in the form.
  • At the end of the procedure, you will receive a written notification of the changes to your insurance obligation.


  • You are currently subject to compulsory insurance through the KSK.
  • You receive a pension from the statutory pension insurance scheme or have applied for one.
  • They continue to work artistically or journalistically on a commercial basis.

Which documents are required?

  • Copy of the notification of approval from the pension insurance institution

What are the fees?

There is no cost to you.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

Inform the KSK immediately about your pension application.

Processing duration

Depending on the workload, usually 4 weeks if all documents and information are available.

Applications / forms

Forms: yes

Online procedure possible: no

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no


  • Contradiction
    Not all pensions have legal implications. If there is a change with legal implications, you can find detailed information on how to file an objection in the notice.

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