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Applying for individual funding for participation in working life

On a case-by-case basis, you can apply for supplementary support benefits if it is necessary to take up an apprenticeship or job due to the nature or severity of your disability. Individual funding includes, for example:

  • Motor Vehicle Assistance
  • Work Assistance
  • Technical Work Aids
  • Aid
  • Loss of earnings
  • Housing Assistance

If the Employment Agency is your responsible rehabilitation provider and you meet the requirements for funding, it will cover the costs.

Information on the respective individual case funding:

Motor Vehicle Assistance

There are different benefits that you can apply for:

  • Subsidy for the purchase of a motor vehicle
  • Assumption of the costs for additional equipment due to the disability and repairs of the additional equipment
  • Cost subsidy for the acquisition of a driving licence
  • Benefits in cases of hardship, such as a subsidy for transport costs incurred by transport services

The subsidies for the purchase of a motor vehicle and for the driving licence depend on the level of your income. The costs for additional equipment required due to the disability will be covered in full by the Employment Agency.

When you buy a motor vehicle, you will receive a maximum of EUR 22,000 of the purchase price. There is an exception if you absolutely need a motor vehicle with a higher purchase price due to the nature and severity of the disability.

Alternatively, you can also receive subsidies for transport costs as part of the hardship scheme. As a rule, there is a personal contribution.

Work Assistance

In principle, you can participate in working life, but need support in carrying out your employment due to your disability? Then work assistance will help you to fulfill your professional duties.

The work assistance goes beyond occasional handouts. It is a regularly recurring support for severely disabled people in terms of time and activity. You have to do the actual work yourself. This does not cover short-term and irregular aid.

The aim of the benefit is to get you a job subject to social security contributions. The costs of work assistance are covered by the responsible rehabilitation institution for a period of up to 3 years. They are also entitled to this overall entitlement in the event of changing jobs. If you continue to need work assistance after the maximum funding period has expired, the Integration Office is responsible for accompanying assistance in working life.

However, in order to simplify the administrative process, the integration offices take over the execution of the service from the outset.

Technical Work Aids

Technical work aids are devices and devices that make a workplace accessible to the disabled. They are intended to compensate for your disability-related disadvantages.

Examples of technical work aids:

  • Screen Reader
  • One-handed keyboard
  • orthopedic office chair

Technical aids are tailored to your individual needs in the workplace. Since the subsidised items become your property, you can take them with you when you change jobs.


Support in the context of participation in working life is about aids that are necessary due to the nature and severity of your disability

  • for training or professional practice,
  • to participate in a benefit for participation in working life, or
  • to increase safety on the way to work or at work.

Assistive devices include, for example, orthopaedic safety shoes or orthopaedic foot protection if they are required exclusively for activities in a specific occupation or vocational training.

Loss of earnings

You or a person who needs to accompany you must travel to a training course or an interview at a new job. And this is only possible during normal working hours? Then you or your companion will be compensated for a possible loss of earnings.

Housing Assistance

Housing assistance benefits include financial assistance for:

  • the cost of procurement,
  • the equipment as well as
  • the maintenance of a handicapped accessible apartment.

This should enable you to reach the place of your vocational training or your workplace as barrier-free and independently as possible. The specific benefits depend on your personal situation and needs.

Process flow

In order to receive individual case funding, you must contact your employment agency:

  • Make an appointment with the Vocational Rehabilitation and Participation team of your employment agency.
  • If you do not yet have a personal contact person, please make an appointment via the service hotline of the Federal Employment Agency.
  • In a personal conversation, you will clarify together whether individual funding is an option for you.
  • If your advisor determines that the support will help you to participate in working life, this person will discuss the next steps with you.
  • Your advisor will also discuss the forms you need to fill out with you. You can also fill out the documents online.


In order for you to be eligible for individual funding for professional participation, the following general requirements must be met:

  • You have a disability and the Federal Employment Agency is your responsible rehabilitation provider.
  • Your prospects of participating or re-participating in working life are not only temporarily reduced because of the nature or severity of your disability.
    • Or: You are threatened with a disability with the same professional consequences.
  • You must contact your employment agency for reimbursement of costs or grants before any expenses arise or expenses are incurred.

In addition, you may have to comply with special requirements for the respective funding:

Motor vehicle assistance:

  • You are dependent on a motor vehicle for your daily journey between your home and your place of work, training or education, because you are unable to travel this distance on foot, by public transport or otherwise because of your disability.

Work Assistance:

  • You must be severely disabled. This means you have a degree of disability of at least 50.
  • The support is necessary to obtain a job or training place.
  • The need for assistance from a personal assistant must go beyond occasional handouts.
  • In addition, it must be a form of support that is regularly recurring in terms of time and activity.

Technical working aids:

  • Due to the nature and severity of your disability, you need the technical work aid for the exercise of your profession or training, and
  • the technical work aid is used exclusively for participation in working life.


  • You need the aid to compensate for a disability for a specific job or for a specific form of professional practice or training. You do not need it for other professional activities.
  • Your employer or a medical rehabilitation provider is not primarily obliged to provide this service.

Loss of earnings:

  • Your loss of earnings or the loss of earnings of a necessary accompanying person is unavoidable. The trip can therefore only take place during normal working hours.

Housing assistance:

  • In order to receive funding for housing assistance services, you must have a job-related need.

Which documents are required?

Please ask your advisor which documents you need in detail.

What are the fees?


Processing duration

The processing usually takes several weeks.

Applications / forms

Forms available: No
Written form required: No
Informal application possible: No
Personal appearance required: Yes
Online services available: Yes


Appeal to the Employment Agency, which issued the decision. Further information on how to file an objection can be found in the respective notice.

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