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Obtain a certificate to pre-qualify for career advancement funding assistance under the German Upgrading Training Assistance Act (Aufstiegs-BAföG, AFBG)

One document you must submit for this funding is known as ‘Form Z’. This form must certify either that you satisfy the field-related admission requirements for the examination or that you can meet these requirements by the time of the examination. The authority responsible for this certification is the authority that also approves the final examination for the degree or qualification you intend to complete. Depending on the degree or qualification involved, this may be, for example, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) or the Chamber of Skilled Crafts (HWK).

Typically, you can qualify either by completing initial vocational training and/or through practical career experience. Whether you have dropped out of your studies, have career experience or hold a Bachelor’s degree, you can demonstrate the necessary pre-qualification. The exact requirements are set forth in the examination regulations that govern completion of the relevant advanced training.

Confirmation of your pre-qualification qualifies you to apply for the Meister-BAföG funding for upgrading training. Depending on the German federal state in question, BAföG offices or other authorities are responsible for issuing this confirmation.

Process flow

Documented confirmation of pre-qualification is one of the requirements that you must provide when applying for funding assistance.

  • Before applying for training assistance, you apply for confirmation of prequalification through the authority responsible for your degree or qualification.
  • You will send Form Z of the blanket application along with proof of your prequalification.
  • The competent authority will check your prequalification.
  • You will receive the completed Appendix Z by post.
  • Once your pre-qualification is confirmed, you may proceed to apply for the actual funding.


Fulfilment of the requirements for admission to the desired advanced-training examination:

  • Training in a recognised training occupation or a comparable professional qualification
  • Holders of a Bachelor’s degree, persons who dropped out of tertiary study and students completing university entry qualifications ( or equivalent) with career experience can also be qualified

Which documents are required?

Evidence of fulfilment of admission requirements:

  • Completion of training
  • Possibly other evidence, such as proof of employment and letters of reference

What are the fees?

As a rule, no costs apply to complete Form Z.

Fee: free of charge
As a rule, there are no costs for completing Form Z.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

No statutory deadlines

Processing duration

A few days if the documents are complete

Applications / forms

  • Forms: Form Z of the application for MeisterBAföG funding for upgrading training assistance under the German Federal Training Assistance Act
  • Online procedures available: No
  • Written form requirement as per German Civil Code Art.126: Yes
  • Appearance in person required: No.


No legal remedy

What else should I know?

The procedure can only be carried out in German.

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