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Apply for a disability pension

The disability pension supports you if you can no longer work for health reasons and have not yet reached the regular retirement age. It replaces your income to a certain extent.

Before you can receive the disability pension, the German Pension Insurance checks whether rehabilitation can help you to make a living yourself again. These include medical and vocational rehabilitation, for example further training for professional reorientation or work aids.

The German Pension Insurance determines the extent to which you can still work on the general labour market. Depending on this, you will receive either

  • a full disability pension, or
  • a partial disability pension.

If, from a medical point of view, you are partially economically disabled and you are unemployed because there is no part-time job that is in line with performance, you can also receive a pension for full disability.

Even as a disabled person, you can receive the disability pension. This applies, for example, if you work in a special facility for the disabled and cannot work in the general labour market due to your disability.

How high your disability pension is depends on your pension account with the German Pension Insurance. Your annual pension information states what you can expect in the event of full disability. If you are only partially affected, half of this will be taken as a basis.

For younger people, it is not only the few previous years of employment that count. Rather, there is the so-called attribution period. It is the time between the onset of the disability and a certain, legally determined age. The attribution period will make you feel as if you had paid contributions up to this age.

If your pension begins before the age limit applicable to you, you will have to accept discounts. For each month you retire earlier, the discount is 0.3 percent, but a maximum of 10.8 percent overall.

If you receive a disability pension, you can earn additional income to a certain extent with a part-time job.

  • If you are fully reduced in earning capacity, you may only work less than 3 hours a day. If you earn more than EUR 6,300 gross per year, your pension will no longer be paid in full or possibly not at all.
  • In the case of partial disability, you may only work less than 6 hours a day. How much you are allowed to earn will be calculated individually.

An application for a disability pension does not mean that you are never allowed to work again. It is often possible to recover from serious health setbacks through targeted treatment and support. Your disability pension is usually granted for a limited period of time, for a maximum of 3 years. You will only receive a permanent pension in some exceptions.

Note: If you were born before 2 January 1961, you may be able to receive the "Partial Disability Disability Pension". This pension takes into account whether you can continue to pursue your previous profession.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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