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View the results of the federal statistics

The Federal Statistical Office provides and disseminates statistical information. You can view a large number of data compilations from the Federal Statistical Office and download the data sets directly from the homepage or from several online databases, most of them free of charge.
The results of the federal statistics give you the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about social, economic and ecological relationships at federal and state level.
Topics are:

  • Society and environment
  • Economy
  • Industries and companies
  • Work
  • State
  • Countries and regions

Process flow

If you want to view the statistics of the Federal Statistical Office, you do not have to submit an application

  • go to the website of the Federal Statistical Office and find the data you need
  • frequently searched terms can be found present, otherwise you will go via the topic pages or GENESIS online database
  • you can compile many data records according to individual aspects and via the databases, e.g. GENESIS-Online
  • the table retrieval can be downloaded and further processed in the common machine-readable formats.

Further use and processing of the data and graphics is possible in compliance with the copyright regulations.

Website of the Federal Statistical Office



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Applications / forms

  • Forms: no
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance required: no


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