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Apply for voluntary continued insurance in unemployment insurance

Under certain conditions, you can apply for compulsory unemployment insurance so that you can receive unemployment benefit if you become unemployed at a later date. You are entitled to insurance if you

  • work independently for at least 15 hours a week, or
  • are employed abroad outside the EU, the EEA or outside Switzerland for at least 15 hours per week, or
  • raise a child over three years of age on parental leave, or
  • continue their professional education and thereby
    • can advance professionally or
    • get a professional qualification or
    • be able to carry out another professional activity.

The monthly contribution is currently (2020) at

  • EUR 76.44 (West) and EUR 72.24 (East) for the self-employed
    • In the first year of your self-employment and in the following calendar year, you pay only half of the contribution.
  • EUR 76.44 for employees abroad
  • EUR 38.22 (West) and EUR 36.12 (East) for persons on parental leave and for persons on continuing vocational training.

You pay the monthly contribution of the insurance alone and directly to the Federal Employment Agency.

If you are employed abroad, there must be no posting. You may therefore not temporarily work in a foreign company on behalf of your German employer. Otherwise, you would continue to be subject to German social security regulations, a voluntary continued insurance in the unemployment insurance would not be possible.

If, in addition to your work, you are employed in another European country, the local social security law applies.  Compulsory application insurance under German law is then not possible.

Note: If you end your self-employment or foreign employment and take advantage of the compulsory application insurance, you must demonstrably make an effort to find work again as soon as possible.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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