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Long-term care insurance contribution

The contribution rate for statutory long-term care insurance is 3.05% of the insured person's income subject to contributions up to the contribution assessment ceiling. Childless persons pay a premium surcharge of 0.25 percentage points, which is levied from the month following the insured person's 23rd birthday. The contribution assessment ceiling is 41,400 euros.

There are different legal regulations for special groups of people, such as agricultural entrepreneurs.

For further information, please contact your health or long-term care insurance company.

Process flow

The payment of contributions is regulated when health and long-term care insurance is concluded.

Competent authority

The responsibility lies with the respective long-term care insurance fund.


In principle, every insured person is liable to pay contributions. Family members are exempt from contributions for the duration of family insurance. You can inquire about further exemptions from your health insurance company.

Which documents are required?

As a rule, the contributions must be paid to the health insurance company, which must then immediately forward them to the nursing care fund. Please check with your health insurance company which documents are required.

What are the fees?

There are no costs in addition to the contributions.

Fee: free of charge

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?


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