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Innovation promotion of the Agricultural Pension Bank from the special-purpose assets of the Federal Government Grant

To finance innovative projects in agriculture, forestry, wine and horticulture, fisheries and aquaculture, you can apply for innovation support as a small or medium-sized company and as a research institution.

The federal assets set up and managed by the Agricultural Pension Bank provide financial support for the following projects:

  • Experimental development projects:
  • Projects in the field of experimental development of innovations, for example the conversion of knowledge of industrial or university research into new or improved products, processes or services
  • Market and practice introductions:
    • Conceptual planning and design of new products, processes or services
    • Studies on technical feasibility, for example on the development of commercially usable prototypes and pilot projects.

The procedure for applying for funding is two-stage, both for experimental development projects and for market and practice introductions. The subsequent use of demonstration or pilot projects deducts the revenue generated from it from the eligible costs.

Projects that are not supported are

  • which are to be assigned to the fields of basic or industrial research, or
  • which comply with the state of the art and organisational, commercial or financial standards introduced on the market and in practice.

You may not start your action until you have submitted an application. In the case of investments, the start of the project is the conclusion of supply and service contracts. You may provide planning services prior to the submission of an application.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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