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EU approval of food establishments

If you wish to place products of animal origin or sprouts on the market, you may need an authorisation before commenceing your activity.
If you run a business that belongs to the following categories (not exhaustively), you need a license for the corresponding activity:

  • Meat:
    • Slaughterhouses
    • Cutting plants
    • Establishment producing minced meat, meat preparations or meat products
    • Mechanically separated meat producers
    • Meat processing plants
    • Game processing plants
  • Live bivalve molluscs:
    • Shipping Centers
    • Cleaning Centres
  • Fishing catches:
    • Freezer and factory ships
    • Crab Cutter
    • Establishments producing fishery products
  • Milk and milk products:
    • Establishments producing heat-treated milk and milk products from raw milk
    • Establishments producing milk products from already processed milk products (e.g. butter from pasteurised cream, cheese from pasteurised milk or milk powder)
    • Milk collection points
  • Egg products
    • Egg pretreatment plants
    • Serve farms
    • Egg processing plant
    • Egg cooking establishments
    • Egg packing stations
  • Frog legs and snails
    • Establishments preparing and/or processing frogs' legs and snails
  • Omitted animal fats and greces
    • Companies that collect, store or process the raw materials
  • Stomach and blisters
    • Establishments treating blisters, intestines and stomachs
  • gelatine
    • Companies that collect the raw materials
    • Establishments producing gelatine for human consumption
  • collagen
    • Companies that collect the raw materials
    • Establishments producing collagen
  • germination
    • Farms that produce sprouts
  • Cold stores that store food of animal origin in a cool or frozen place
  • Kitchens and canteen kitchens that do not deliver food directly to the end consumer
  • Establishments in which the said products are re-wrapped, whether or not this activity is carried out in conjunction with other activities such as cutting or cutting

If you only carry out primary production in your establishment, carry out transport activities, store products (the storage of which does not require temperature control) or carry out certain retail activities, you do not need a licence as a food establishment. This also applies if you fall under the retail term and the supply of food of animal origin is a secondary activity (a maximum of one third of the production volume is supplied to other retailers) at local level (within a radius ≤ 100 km).

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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