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Entrance procedure and vocational training area in workshops for disabled people or with other service providers Approval

You cannot, not yet or not yet be re-employed in the general labour market due to the nature or severity of your disability? Then, under certain conditions, the Federal Employment Agency promotes benefits in the entrance procedure and vocational training area in a recognised workshop for disabled people or with another service provider.

The aim of the funding is to offer you, in particular, appropriate vocational training. Vocational training is based on the conditions of the general labour market and should be carried out as close to the company or as company-based as possible. Your performance should be developed as far as possible in such a way that you can carry out an activity on the general labour market or that you can subsequently take up employment in the field of work, for example in a workshop for disabled people.

In this development process, you will be continuously supported by workshops or other service providers by guiding, supervising, accompanying and training you. If your employment agency is the responsible rehabilitation provider, it will cover the costs.

Accompanying services are at your side throughout the entire process. You ensure your medical, educational, psychological and social care.

The benefits are funded for a maximum of 27 months and are divided into 2 phases: the entrance procedure and the vocational training area.

Entry procedure

The entrance procedure clarifies whether the achievements in the field of vocational training and in the future in the field of work will help you to participate in working life. For example, it is determined which areas of work and employment opportunities are suitable for you or whether other vocational training services are also suitable for you. These findings on your performance potential form the basis for the individual nomenclature that is developed for you and with you. The nomenclature contains information about your specific support needs, the support measures and your career prospects.

The funding usually lasts 3 months. The funding period can be shortened to up to 4 weeks.

In the field of vocational education and training, you will receive a vocational qualification that is geared to your individual support needs. For example, you will be taught professional knowledge and skills, such as the handling of materials, tools or machines. This should teach you to carry out professional activities independently. In addition, you will be supported in strengthening your social skills and developing your personality. You can also complete all or part of the vocational training measures in companies in the general labour market, for example through a company internship or on an outsourced vocational training place.

Qualification takes place both through individual measures and through courses. You can help determine the decisions about your individual qualification path.

During the entry procedure and the vocational training area, you are entitled to either transitional allowance or training allowance. In addition, you are insured against health, care, accidents and pensions.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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