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Night care for people with statutory health insurance

Night care is intended to support home care. You can make use of night care services if home care cannot be provided to a sufficient extent or if this is necessary to supplement or strengthen home care.

Within the limits of the maximum benefit amounts, the long-term care insurance fund covers care-related expenses, including expenses for care, and expenses for the medical treatment care services required in the facility. On the other hand, the costs for accommodation and meals as well as separately calculable investment costs must generally be borne privately.

Night care facilities care for people in need of care who need assistance with going to bed, getting up and personal hygiene measures.

Night care facilities are often used by people with dementia who have a disturbed day-night rhythm. If they are accommodated in a night care facility at night, the relatives can sleep through the night and take care of those in need of care again during the day.

Persons in need of care in care grades 2 to 5 can take advantage of day-care and night care on a day-to-day basis in addition to non-cash outpatient care benefits, care allowance or the combined benefit pursuant to § 38 without being offset against these entitlements.

Process flow

  • You submit an application for night care benefits to your long-term care insurance fund
  • Information on the required documents and the procedure can be obtained from your long-term care insurance fund

Competent authority

The responsibility lies with the respective long-term care insurance fund.


  • Night care must be applied for at the nursing care insurance fund
  • It applies to people in need of care with care levels 2 to 5 if home care cannot be ensured to a sufficient extent


  • if night care is necessary to complement or strengthen home care.

People in need of care with care level 1 can claim a benefit amount of 125 euros for night care. This amount corresponds to the monthly relief benefit contribution.

Which documents are required?

Check with your long-term care insurance fund to find out what documents are required and whether there is a special application form.

What are the fees?

The application is free of charge.

Fee: free of charge

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?


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