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Vocational Training (BMQ) Support

The aim of the "BMQ" measure is to increase technical skills through knowledge transfer, thereby safeguarding long-term jobs in agriculture and rural areas and creating new employment opportunities.

Within the framework of the PFEIL measure "BMQ", courses, workshops, coaching as well as excursions and company visits are supported as part of a comprehensive qualification measure.

The RL-BMQ-HB/NI provides for the following funding priorities:

  1. Improving the competitiveness or development of new business fields for income combinations and alternatives for agricultural, forestry or horticultural workers in the field
  • Increased personal competence and motivation, including the solution of socio-economic problems
  • Expanding business knowledge or knowledge of new technologies and processes
  • Improving product quality
  • Improving environmental practices and practices, including the particularly animal welfare of farm animals (animal welfare)
  • Dissemination of scientific knowledge and innovative practices
  1. teaching of the necessary skills and competences for technical advice to agricultural and/or forestry and/or horticultural enterprises in Lower Saxony and Bremen;
  2. the skills and competences of rural women and women in agriculture for the regional marketing of agricultural products, the creation of non-agricultural income opportunities on a farm and support for the producer-consumer dialogue in the fields of food and/or consumer education;
  3. Teaching the necessary skills and competences in the field of facilitation and monitoring of village development processes for natural persons of legal age in rural areas in accordance with paragraph 2.1 of the Rural Development Programme (PFEIL Programme)

Educational institutions are to qualify the participants in Lower Saxony or Bremen according to the funding priorities.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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