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Promoting lake development

The lake development funding measure supports projects that serve the rehabilitation and restoration of lakes (standing waters) within the meaning of the EC Water Framework Directive (EC WFD) in order to improve the quality of water bodies, to improve or maintain the ecological status or ecological potential of water bodies, to strengthen the sustainable development of rural areas and to preserve the natural heritage. This benefits not only nature and the environment, but also the water users.

Priority is given to standing waters in Lower Saxony with an area of at least 50 ha in accordance with the EC WFD and, in addition, to smaller standing waters that are important for water management, nature conservation or rural development.

Who should I contact?

The responsibility lies with theLower Saxony State Agency for Water Management, Coastal Protection and Nature Conservation (NLWKN).

Website of the Lower Saxony State Agency for Water Management, Coastal Protection and Nature Conservation (NLWKN)


Funding is provided for projects that serve the rehabilitation and restoration of lakes and improve the water quality of lakes from an ecological and chemical point of view. These include the following projects:

  • Investments in near-natural lake development through the creation of water development areas and floodplains as well as the creation and design of verges and protective plantings,
  • Investments to reduce substance inputs (point sources and diffuse sources), e.g. through technical projects in the inlet such as relocation of inlets, creation of pre- and sedimentation basins, etc.,
  • desludging,
  • improvement of water retention,
  • Testing of innovative processes with proof of effectiveness already provided in comparable waters,
  • Other necessary expenditure that is factually and directly related to the above-mentioned projects, such as planning, conceptual projects and surveys, accompanying and subsequent control investigations including accompanying quality assurance projects, special purpose research and individual case investigations, acquisition of land as well as compensation or redemption payments, projects for public relations and further training (in individual cases), acquisition of new machinery, equipment and Grounds.

Projects for which there is a legal obligation (e.g. binding compensation measures) are not eligible.

Eligible applicants

  • Local authorities and public bodies
  • Legal entities that perform water management or other tasks relevant to the environment in this regard

The projects must take into account the requirements of water management, environmental protection and nature conservation and landscape management, taking into account the principles of sustainable water management , and serve to improve the ecological quality components or the chemical status of the waters in accordance with the EC WFD.

Which documents are required?

Documents may be required. Please contact the competent authority.

What are the fees?

Fees may apply, please contact the competent authority.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

The competent authority shall set application deadlines in agreement with the department responsible for the programme. The notice shall be published on the website of the competent authority.

Applications / forms

Applications for funding must be submitted to the competent authority using the official application form.

Application Process

Official application form

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Lower Saxony Ministry for the Environment, Energy, Building and Climate Protection

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