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Financial Service Providers in accordance with Section 32 of the Banking Act Permission

If you want to offer financial services, you need a permit.

The competent authority may grant the authorisation subject to conditions. The authorisation may also be limited to individual financial services and shall result in ongoing supervision of the financial service provider by the Authority.
You need permission to provide the following specific financial services:

  • investment brokerage,
  • investment advice,
  • the operation of a multilateral trading system,
  • the placement business
  • operation of an organised trading system,
  • the final placement,
  • financial portfolio management
  • self-trading.
  • the brokerage of deposits in third countries,
  • the variety business,
  • Factoring
  • Finance leases
  • investment management and
  • restricted custody.

You also need the written permission of the Federal Institute if you want to do your own business in addition to banking transactions or financial services, i.e. to purchase or sell financial instruments for your own account.

Note: All securities trading companies are obliged to secure their liabilities from securities transactions by belonging to the compensation institution of the securities trading companies (EdW). The contribution is based on the scope of the business.
Other financial services may require a permit under the Trade Code. Please check which permit is required for your trade before submitting your application.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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