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Special telephone number for immigrants and those interested in immigration – Hotline "Working and Living in Germany" of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in cooperation with the International Placement Service (ZAV)

Would you like to immigrate to Germany or have you already immigrated? The hotline "Working and Living in Germany" at +49 30 1815 - 1111 will provide you with advice on the possibilities of working, studying or starting an apprenticeship in Germany.

The hotline counselling service will provide you with information on the following topics in German or English:

  • Recognition of your foreign qualifications (recognition procedure for vocational, study and school qualifications; Indication of the competent recognition authority and the corresponding German profession [reference occupation])
  • Entry and residence in Germany (immigration for the purpose of gainful employment; Visa; Residence permit; Spousal and family reunification)
  • Language acquisition (offers for learning German; integration courses; job-related language courses; German for children and adolescents; Offers for learning German abroad)
  • Studies and training (requirements for studying/training, counselling services, prospects for graduates/trainees)
  • Work and occupation (job search; Working conditions; employment promotion; labour market opportunities; intermediary services; Social Security/Taxes

Which documents are required?

You do not need any documents for the hotline consultation.

What are the fees?

If you call from a landline, the local telephone charges apply. The cost of calls from mobile networks may differ. If you are calling from abroad, the respective international price of your tariff applies.

What else should I know?

The advisors can only provide you with general information on the legal basis. The decision as to whether you personally meet the requirements for the issuance of a visa or residence permit is always made by the responsible German embassy or the competent immigration authority.

An examination of the equivalence of foreign qualifications is not carried out by the advisors of the hotline, but by the competent authorities in the federal states.

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Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, Division 134

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Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)