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Insolvency administrator Inclusion in the pre-selection list

A prerequisite for appointment as insolvency administrator or trustee in insolvency proceedings is regularly the prior inclusion in a pre-selection list maintained by the insolvency court. The relevant insolvency judge is responsible for the pre-selection procedure, which has to determine the eligibility criteria and must make them transparent.

With the opening of insolvency proceedings, the insolvency administrator acquires the administrative and injunction over the debtor's assets. The insolvency administrator has a multitude of tasks, in particular to take possession and administration of the insolvency assets (Section 35 insolvency regulations (InsO), to separate non-debtors from the insolvency estate, to supplement the assets with assets belonging to the assets, to exploit the assets belonging to the insolvency estate and to distribute the proceeds of the proceeds of the proceeds to the insolvency creditors. Where appropriate, the insolvency administrator must draw up an insolvency plan.

The pre-selection list shall include any candidate who fulfils the requirements to be made in principle for a general suitability for the office of insolvency administrator, which is separate from the typicality of the individual insolvency proceedings.

Section 35 Insolvency Order (InsO)

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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