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Chamber of Crafts (Tasks)

The Chamber of Crafts (HWK) is a body governed by public law, the legal basis is the Crafts Code (HWO). As a self-governing institution for the entire craft sector, the Chambers of Crafts represent the interests of the craft sector. They include the self-employed craftsmen and the owners of craft-like enterprises in the Chamber of Crafts, as well as journeymen, other workers with completed vocational training and the apprentices (apprentices) of these tradesmen. As with all professional chambers, it is a compulsory membership.

The tasks of the Chamber of Crafts are, in particular,

  • to promote the interests of the craft sector and to ensure a fair balance between the interests of individual crafts and their organisations,
  • to support the authorities in the promotion of the craft sector, e.g. through proposals and the preparation of expert opinions,
  • to write regular reports on the conditions of the craft sector,
  • to lead the craft role,
  • regulate vocational training, in particular inter-company training, and monitor its implementation; this includes:
    • to lead an apprenticeship role,
    • to adopt audit rules and to set up audit committees for this purpose,
    • to issue journeyman examination regulations for the individual crafts,
    • To enact master examination regulations for the individual crafts and to conduct the business of the Master Examination Committee.

In addition, the Chambers of Crafts support their members both through legal advice and business advice. In doing so,

  • experts appointed and sworn in to draw up expert opinions on the goods, services and prices of craftsmen, and
  • Intermediary bodies set up to settle disputes between owners of a craft enterprise and their clients.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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