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Orphan's pension received from the Agricultural Accident Insurance Fund

The Agricultural Accident Insurance pays a half or full orphan's pension to the children of insured persons. You can receive this orphan's pension if your parent died as a result of an insured event. This includes accidents at work, accidents on the way to work and occupational diseases. It is not necessary to apply for it.
You will receive the orphan's pension until you reach the age of 18.
Under certain conditions, you may be entitled to an orphan's pension for longer. At the longest, you can receive the orphan's pension until you reach the age of 27.
If you are a half-orphan, the orphan's pension is 20 percent of the deceased's annual income. If you are a full orphan, the orphan's pension is 30 percent. You will receive the orphan's pension monthly.
It may be that other persons besides you are entitled to money from the statutory accident insurance, for example, your siblings or a widow or widower. In this case, the sum of the pensions may not exceed 80 percent of the deceased person's annual income. Your orphan's pension will be reduced proportionately in this case. If you are a foster child, the entitlement to an orphan's pension may be waived altogether.

You do not have to apply for the orphan's pension. The Agricultural Employer's Liability Insurance Association (LBG) will determine the entitlement and the amount of the orphan's pension ex officio:

  • The LBG learns of the death of your parent.
  • Based on the insured event, the LBG will check whether you are entitled to the orphan's pension.
  • If you are entitled to an orphan's pension, you will receive a decision from the employers' liability insurance association or accident insurance fund.

You will receive the orphan's pension:

  • if the person died as a result of an insured event. This includes accidents at work, accidents on the way to work and occupational diseases.
  • as:
    • natural child
    • stepchild or foster child, if you lived in the household of the deceased person and were cared for and looked after there
    • grandchild or sibling, if you lived in the deceased person's household and were cared for and looked after there.
    • You may also receive the orphan's pension if the deceased person was mainly responsible for your living expenses.

Under these conditions, you will receive the orphan's pension even if you are 19 to 27 years old at the most:

  • You are in school or vocational training; or
  • you cannot support yourself because of a physical, mental or psychological disability, or
  • You are in a transition period of no more than 4 calendar months.
    • between a training period and
      • the next stage of your education or training, or
      • the completion of compulsory military or civilian service, or
      • the completion of voluntary service.

Depending on the case, different documents and information are required:

  • Death certificate of the parent,
  • birth certificate or certificate of descent
  • Bank details
  • if applicable:
    • Proof of step-childship or foster-childship or proof of adoption
    • Proof of schooling or education (for orphans over 18 years of age)
    • Death certificate of the 2nd parent (in the case of orphans)
    • Survivor's certificate of the statutory pension insurance, if already available - otherwise the pension insurance number
    • Information on annual work earnings (if work accident results in direct death)

There are no costs for you.

You do not have to meet any deadlines.

Usually 1 to 3 months.

Forms: no

Online procedure possible: no

Written form required: no

Personal appearance required: no

  • Objection
    For detailed information on how to file an objection, please refer to the notice from LBG.
  • Action before the social court

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs


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