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Death abroad - application for certification

A death that occurred abroad can also be notarized, i.e. registered, in a German death register at your request.

With the so-called re-notarization, an entry in a German death register is made in addition to the notarization abroad, i.e. in addition to the entry in the death register of the country in which the death occurs.

Under certain conditions, you can apply for subsequent certification at the responsible German registry office.

You submit the application for subsequent certification of a death at the competent German registry office.

  • Contact the responsible registry office in writing, by telephone or in person, describe your request and ask for the documents you are to submit.
  • Submit the application for subsequent certification and attach the required documents.
  • The registry office checks your information as well as the evidence you have submitted and, if necessary, carries out the subsequent certification of the death.
  • You have the possibility to apply for the issuance of a German death certificate at the same registry office.
  • Responsible for the application is the registry office in whose area the deceased person had his (last) domicile or habitual residence in Germany.
  • If the deceased person did not have a domicile or habitual residence in Germany, the competent authority is the German registry office in whose area you as the applicant have your domicile or last had or have your habitual residence.
  • If none of the above alternatives applies, you must submit the application to the registry office I in Berlin.
  • the death occurred abroad
  • the deceased person must have had German nationality at the time of death. You can also apply if the person had the status of a stateless person, a homeless foreigner or a foreign refugee within the meaning of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees Habitually Resident in Germany.
  • The following are eligible to apply:
  • the parents of a child who died abroad, the child of the deceased person, and spouses or partners.
  • Persons who can assert a legal interest in the subsequent certification vis-à-vis the registry office.

In addition to the information to be included in the death record, you must provide the necessary certificates or other documents that you have.

In particular, the following documents are required:

  • Your identity card/passport as an applicant
  • Foreign death certificate of the deceased person ( possibly with translation and certification by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or legalisation by the German mission abroad; the submission of a multilingual form may be sufficient
  • the marriage or partnership certificate of the last marriage or partnership of the deceased person and, if applicable, proof of its dissolution,
  • the birth certificate of the deceased person,
  • proof of the last residence of the deceased person
  • for naturalised persons, persons entitled to asylum, stateless persons, homeless foreigners and recognised foreign refugees: certificate of naturalisation/proof of special status


Fee: 30,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No
Notarisation of a death abroad

If the registry office rejects your application for re-certification, you can apply to the competent court to instruct the registry office to carry out the re-certification.

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