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Apply for a low-income passport

The social pass is a voluntary municipal benefit. It supports low-income families and citizens in their participation in social life. The discounts granted create more mobility, enable participation in cultural and sporting activities and create incentives to take advantage of the wide range of educational opportunities.

Process flow

  • Find out from the competent authority whether the social pass is offered there.
  • Find out which forms and other documents are required for the application.
  • If you submit the complete application documents to the competent authority and all requirements are met, you will usually receive the passport immediately.
  • When applying together with the housing benefit, you will receive the social pass with the housing benefit notice.

Who should I contact?

to your social welfare office or housing benefit authority at the city or municipal administration


As a rule, you are eligible to apply if you receive

  • Assistance for subsistence or basic security according to Social Security Code XII
  • Citizen's allowance or social benefit according to Social Security Code II
  • Benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act
  • Benefits under the Housing Benefit Act

Further prerequisite:

  • You have your main residence in the city or municipality that issues the passport for low-income earners.
  • You can find out what exact income limits apply and what other requirements you have to meet from the competent authority.

Which documents are required?

As a rule, you must provide at least the following documents:

  • Identity card or passport
  • Notification of receipt of citizen's allowance or social allowance or housing allowance

To find out which documents and proofs are required in detail, please contact the competent authority.

What are the fees?


What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

Period of validity: usually 12 months (extension on request) during the period of granting of social benefits

Legal basis

the respective municipal guideline for granting this voluntary benefit

What else should I know?

Personal appearance is necessary.

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