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Application for the preparation of a market value appraisal on the value of a property or the right to a property

The market value of a property reflects the price that would be achieved in the ordinary course of business on a specific date. The essential value-determining characteristics are taken into account, such as the location or size of a piece of land, the years of construction of buildings, their state of maintenance, equipment qualities, etc. On the other hand, no consideration is given to circumstances that are unusual for the real estate market or do not reflect it neutrally when determining the market value. The market value can also refer to rights to land, such as rights of way. The definition of the market value and the requirements for its determination are laid down in the Building Code.

A market value appraisal by the expert committees proves the market value in accordance with the Building Code in an interest-neutral manner and with official quality. The contents of an appraisal are usually a comprehensive description of the property to be valued (value-influencing characteristics) and the procedure of the determination, an analysis of comparable purchase cases (from the official purchase price collection of the appraisal committees) as well as the justification of the market value determined in the specific case. Market value appraisals can be applied for for developed and undeveloped land as well as rights to land.

The expert committees are responsible for specific regions in Lower Saxony defined by the state; they are made up of chairmen and honorary members. The presiding members are members of the surveying and cadastral administration. Volunteer members are experts from the broad field of the real estate industry, e.g. from the fields of architecture, civil engineering, agriculture, finance or brokerage.

An expert committee is always autonomous and independent. To support the completion of tasks, each expert committee has an office, which is also located at the surveying and cadastral administration.

Process flow

You can submit an application to the relevant office of the expert committee for the preparation of a market value appraisal of developed and undeveloped land as well as rights to land.

  • After receipt of the order, the office will first check whether you are eligible to apply.
  • If necessary, the office will contact you as part of the preparation of the expert opinion in order to obtain the necessary documents and/or to arrange an appointment for the preparatory findings of fact on the property and in the building.
  • At the same time, the office of the expert committee will carry out investigations into the facts of the property with other authorities and bodies.
  • The presiding member of the expert committee determines the composition of the expert committee for this expert opinion.
  • As a rule, an on-site inspection of the property is carried out by the expert committee, regardless of any preparatory local investigations by the office that have already been carried out. The office will arrange the necessary dates with you or the owner of the property.
  • Further investigations may be necessary after that.
  • The market value appraisal is discussed in the composition of the appraisal committee for this appraisal and decided in its entirety.
  • The applicants for the market value appraisal, the owners of the property or the holders of rights equivalent to the property will be sent copies of the market value appraisal together with the cost and fee accounting.
  • Explanations of the expert opinion are possible, if necessary also for a fee, by the respective presiding member. 

Who should I contact?

The responsibility lies with the office of the Expert Committee for Land Values in Lower Saxony, which is set up at the locally responsible regional directorate of the State Office for Geoinformation and Land Surveying of Lower Saxony.


According to Section 193 (1) of the Building Code, you can apply for a market value appraisal for developed and undeveloped land as well as rights to land if you

  • Owner,
  • a person with equivalent rights to the owner,
  • Owner of other rights to the property
  • or are a person entitled to a compulsory portion for whose compulsory portion the value of the property is important.

Furthermore, under certain conditions, authorities and courts may be entitled to submit applications.

Which documents are required?

The documents required for a market value determination differ depending on the type of appraisal order. If necessary, the office will consult with you.

What are the fees?

Fees are charged for the preparation of market value appraisals. These are based in particular on the market value determined in the appraisal. Depending on the individual case, necessary expenses will also be added.

The amount of the fees is regulated in the current version of the Fee Schedule for the Expert Committees and the Upper Expert Committee (GOGut).

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?


Processing duration

The processing time depends on the scope of the required investigations of the facts.

Processing usually takes four to 16 weeks.

Processing Time: 1 - 3 Months
The processing time depends on the type of object and is usually one to three months from application to notification of benefits.

Applications / forms

Forms available: PDFs that can be partially filled out digitally

Online procedure possible: Currently not

Written form required: Order confirmation

Personal appearance required: No


There is no legal remedy against the result of a market value appraisal. Appeals are only possible with regard to the notice of costs and fees.

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