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Baukindergeld Approval

If you want to buy or build residential property for your own needs for your family, you can apply for a subsidy under certain conditions.

The Baukindergeld is aimed at families with children who want to build or buy a house or apartment and live in it themselves. You can only apply for it if you use the property yourself and do not yet own a residential property for permanent use in Germany.

The Baukindergeld is paid as a subsidy:

  • for each child up to 18 years: EUR 1200 per year
  • For 10 years

In total, you can receive EUR 12,000 for each child if you live in the apartment or house continuously for 10 years. Important is the age of the child at the time of application. Even if your child has reached the age of 18 after you have submitted the application, you will continue to receive funding.

For the promotion, it does not matter whether you want to build a new building yourself, buy a new building or take over an existing property. However, it is important that the building permit was issued from 01.01.2018 or that the purchase contract was concluded on 01.01.2018 at the earliest. In addition, the costs for the new building or purchase (excluding ancillary acquisition costs) must be higher than the funding from the Baukindergeld.

You can also combine the support through the Baukindergeld with other funding programs.

Process flow

You can only apply for Baukindergeld online.

Once you have moved in, please go to the KfW grant portal and follow the instructions. You will then need to prove your identity. Either by video identification or with the Postident procedure of Deutsche Post You can then upload the documents directly to the KfW grant portal (technically only possible from March 2019) After the proof has been checked by KfW, the first grant instalment will be transferred to the applicant's account. Your payout date can be found on the payout confirmation. The further grant instalments are transferred in the following nine years in the same month as the initial payment. If you sell, rent or lease the subsidised property, you must inform KfW immediately in writing or by e-mail.


You can apply for Baukindergeld if:

  • you have become a (co-)owner of owner-occupied residential property,
  • are entitled to child benefit themselves or live in the same household as the person entitled to child benefit,
  • at least one child lives in your household who is younger than 18 years of age at the time of application and for whom there is entitlement to child benefit in the household,
  • Your taxable household income per year does not exceed EUR 90,000 (for the second and each additional child entitled to child benefit, the maximum limit increases by a further EUR 15,000). For this purpose, the average of your taxable income and the income of your spouse or partner of the second and third year before receipt of the application is determined.
  • the building permit, the start of construction (in the case of only notifiable projects) or the notarial purchase contract are dated 01.01.2018 at the earliest
  • and the costs for the acquisition of property without incidental acquisition costs are higher than the support through the Baukindergeld

Which documents are required?

  • Income tax assessments
  • Confirmation of registration
  • Land register excerpt

What are the fees?

There are no fees.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

Application: at the earliest from and at the latest 3 months after moving in (decisive: registration certificate)

If you move in by 18.08.2018:

  • Applications can be submitted until 31.12.2018
  • Submission (uploading) of documents: possible from March 2019


  • in principle 3 months after application
  • Application for the purchase of an already owner-occupied residential unit (for example, purchase of the rented apartment): 3 months after signing the notarial purchase contract

Processing duration

Document review will not begin until March 2019.

Applications / forms

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Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI)

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