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Parking barrier for a move: Facility

A parking space barrier is necessary if the loading and unloading of a removal transport cannot be carried out trouble-free in road traffic. This is the case if the removal transport will take place in an area where

  • a stopping or parking ban applies,
  • parking (e.g. in parking lots - also hard shoulders, on residents' parking, in a short-term parking zone) is permitted
  • there is a pedestrian zone
  • the pavement is completely or partially impaired or blocked, e.g. by a furniture lift.

The competent authority issues an order after the application has been submitted. This shall contain information on how the area concerned is to be marked. Only after receipt of the order may the relevant traffic signs (no stopping signs) be erected. The no-stopping signs can be borrowed from the responsible office or from specialist companies (traffic engineering), freight forwarders and, if necessary, at the depot.

On public roads, no parking spaces may be reserved without prior permission (e.g. by setting up garbage cans).
Other road users do not have to pay attention to unauthorised reservations.

Who should I contact?

The responsibility lies with the municipality, the Joint Community and the city. In individual cases, the district will be consulted.

Which documents are required?

The application should contain the following information:

  • Full name
  • new and old address
  • Telephone and fax number
  • Purpose of the no-stopping zone
  • Period in which the stopping ban is to apply
  • Area in which the no-stopping zone is to be established, with the most precise information possible (e.g. street and house number) and, if necessary, attaching a sketch
  • Length of the no-stopping zone (this usually depends on the length of the moving vehicle)
  • if applicable, the date on which the no-stopping zone is to be established

What are the fees?

There are fees for the arrangement and rental of the no-stopping signs.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

The application must be submitted in good time.

Depending on the place of application, the no-stopping signs must be set up three to four days before the date of the move.  Please contact the competent authority.

What else should I know?

If a no-stopping zone has to be set up at short notice, the application should be made in person.

If there is an absolute ban on stopping in the area in front of the planned loading and unloading zone, an exemption must be applied for in order to be allowed to park there. In areas with a restricted stopping ban, on the other hand, loading and unloading may be carried out if this is done without delay.

If, on the day of the move, despite the signs set up, vehicles are parked in the no-stopping zone and hinder the move, the towing of the vehicles can be arranged. The towing costs must be borne by the vehicle owners.


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