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Health Certificate Exhibition for Animals

The animal health certificate shall:

a) for the entry of breeding and farm animals from a third country into Germany (import) and
b) for the departure of breeding and farm animals from Germany to third countries (countries outside the European Union) (export)


It provides information about the general state of health of a breeding or farm animal.

The requirements for issuing an animal health certificate vary greatly. Therefore, contact the competent authority as early as possible. Only if all the conditions are met can it issue a health certificate.

For the entry of pets (dogs, cats, ferrets, etc.) see "EU pet passport".

Process flow

For importation:

  • The application for a health certificate is submitted electronically in the "TRACES NT" database system.
  • An "EU login" is required to access TRACES-NT: For this purpose, the importer has to register once and is activated by the competent authority.
  • The animals are imported into Germany via a border control approved for the import of animals.
  • All necessary veterinary examination and treatment certificates must be presented.

For export:

  • The exporter is obliged to comply with the laws, regulations, standards and procedural and import regulations applicable in the importing country.
  • This results in the obligation of the entrepreneur to procure the relevant current requirements of the third country, if necessary, and to submit them to the certification officer for examination.
  • In the case of the export of animals, the animals must be inspected at the authority or on the spot by an official veterinarian. In this case, compliance with the requirements required for the third country must be certified.
  • Certain third countries allow exports to their territory only from establishments that are already known there through prior registration or approval and have been included in corresponding lists of registered or approved establishments.
  • Establishments that must register with the authorities of the third country and/or be officially listed are subject to official listing procedures. As a rule, officially confirmed export applications must be submitted for this purpose, in which in many cases compliance with the requirements specified by the third country must also be certified.
  • After the applications have been examined by the authorities of the third country and, if necessary, the on-site inspection has been successfully carried out, the companies are approved and listed for export by the respective third country and can then export.

Competent authority

In Lower Saxony, responsibility lies with the veterinary offices of the districts and independent cities, the Hanover region and the Zweckverband Veterinäramt Jade-Weser.


  • For most certificates, the presentation of the animal is necessary.
  • You must notify the competent authority of the arrival of a consignment of animals in good time before arrival.

Which documents are required?

For importation:

  • Application for the issuance of a health certificate (electronically in the database system "TRACES NT"). If necessary, you must provide up-to-date veterinary examination and treatment certificates.

For export:

  • Application for the issuance of a health certificate. The certificate may be specially adapted for some countries and is only required if the destination country requires a special form or certificate. If necessary, you must provide up-to-date veterinary examination and treatment certificates.

If you have any questions about this, you can consult the experiences of the trade associations and the chambers of foreign trade. be helpful. In all cases, it is advisable to clarify the import conditions via the importer or the customer on site.

What are the fees?

Fee: 20,00 - 300,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No
The cost depends on the type of animal.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

For compliance with the health requirements to be certified in Germany or the country of origin, very different deadlines and quarantine conditions may apply depending on the animal species and country of origin.

Contact the veterinary authority as early as possible.

Processing duration

up to 3 months


This administrative service does not constitute an administrative act. For this reason, there is no legal remedy.

Technically approved by

Lower Saxony Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection


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