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Recognition of further training to obtain a specialist veterinarian or additional title according to the continuing education regulations of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons with qualifications from EU/EEA/Switzerland

The qualification as a specialist veterinarian must be recognised in Germany. This means that you need recognition if you want to use the designation "specialist veterinarian" for your specialisation in the selected federal state.

Veterinarians can acquire further designations after completing their training and having been granted a licence to practise veterinary medicine.

The aim of the training is to impart in-depth knowledge, experience and skills that enable and entitle the holder to use other titles in addition to the professional title as an indication of special or other additional knowledge or skills in a specific veterinary field (specialist veterinarian) or area (additional title). It also serves to ensure the quality of veterinary practice.

The corresponding specialist veterinarian or additional designations may only be used if the prescribed further training has been successfully completed and the designation has been recognised by the Chamber.

Note: You may only use the designation after recognition for your specialization if there is a corresponding continuing education designation in Germany.

Before you apply, you must already have a license to practice veterinary practice or a professional license in Germany.

You can apply for recognition of your continuing education title as a specialist veterinarian at the responsible regional veterinary association:

  • First, submit your application and the required documents to the Veterinary Association of the state in which you want to work.
  • If necessary, you will be asked to submit missing documents.
  • The competent authority will check whether your qualification is equivalent. It is equivalent if there are no significant differences between your foreign qualification and the German continuing education qualification.
  • If your qualification as a specialist veterinarian is recognised, you can use the specialist title in Germany. You will receive a notification.

If significant differences are identified, you will not be certified as having the equivalence of your qualifications as a specialist veterinarian:

  • You will receive a justification.
  • You can start further training to acquire the designation at an eligible site (which would hire you).

You can take legal action against the decision of the competent authority within a certain period of time (e.g. lodge an appeal). The decision will then be reviewed. Details on this can be found in the information on legal remedies at the end of your decision. We recommend that you first talk to the competent authority before taking legal action against the decision.

The responsibility lies with the Lower Saxony Chamber of Veterinarians.

  • You must already have a state licence to practise as a veterinarian or a professional licence valid in Germany.
  • You must prove the equivalence of your professional qualification as a specialist veterinarian.
  • Curriculum vitae with details of completed further training and professional experience
  • Proof of identity (ID card or passport)
  • Proof of German license to practice medicine or professional license and proof of equivalent level of education
  • Certificates of continuing education and certificates of professional experience
  • Written statement as to whether you have already submitted an application for recognition to another veterinary association.
  • Further documents to be submitted can be found in the linked continuing education regulations of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Veterinarians.

If your documents are not in German, you must submit German translations of your documents. Translations must be carried out by translators who are publicly appointed or authorised.

Fee: 200,00 - 650,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No
Fees may apply, please contact the relevant authority. Method of payment: bank transfer, SEPA direct debit if applicable

Objection Deadline: 1 Month

Processing Time: 1 - 8 Months
Within 8 months of receipt of complete, verifiable documentation.

Forms available: No, Written form required: Yes, Informal application possible: Yes, Personal appearance required: No, Online services available: No

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