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Become an authorized district chimney sweep

An authorised district chimney sweep (bBSF) is anyone who has been appointed by the competent authority for a sweeping district. According to the Chimney Sweep Crafts Act (SchfHwG) of 26.11.2008 (amended by Art. 1 G. v. 17.07.2017), sweeping districts that have become vacant or become vacant are occupied by way of a tendering procedure. The selection procedure and the appointment to the bBSF are based in principle on §§ 9, 9a and 10 SchfHwG. Accordingly, the respective competent authority must publicly advertise free sweeping districts and make the selection between the applicants according to their suitability, competence and professional performance. The appointment is limited to seven years. The advertised sweeping districts are published on the website of the competent authority or on the federal administration portal.

Process flow

Once you have submitted an application or applied, the competent authority will check whether you meet all the requirements.

If you meet all the requirements, the competent authority will rank the applicants and make the selection between the candidates.

Competent authority

The districts, independent cities and large independent cities are responsible.


According to § 9a SchfHwG, applicants who personally meet the requirements under craft law for the independent exercise of the chimney sweep trade can be appointed as an authorized district chimney sweep. On the basis of the submitted application documents, the suitability, competence and performance must be proven.

Additional requirements can be found in the respective public tender.

Which documents are required?

The competent authority shall indicate in the invitation to tender the documents to be submitted In particular, the competent authority may require the submission of the following documents:

  • the written application containing the applicant's surname, first name, address, telephone number and, if available, electronic contact details,
  • the curriculum vitae in tabular form, which contains detailed information on previous vocational training and professional career,
  • proof that the requirements for entry in the register of craftsmen have been met,
  • certificates of journeyman's examination and master craftsman's examination or equivalent qualifications; in the case of a professional qualification acquired in another Member State of the European Union, in a State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or in Switzerland, the documents and certificates to be submitted in accordance with the EU/EEA Crafts Regulation,
  • evidence of previous chimney sweeping activities and of job-related further education and training measures,
  • the declaration of consent to obtain information from the Central Trade Register,
  • a statement as to whether, within the last twelve months prior to publication of the call for tenders, the applicant
  • criminal convictions have been handed down,
  • criminal proceedings have been initiated, or
  • a pending investigation has become known,
  • the applicant's indication of the ranking of preferred sweeping districts, and
  • proof of current activity as an authorized district chimney sweep or a declaration that such an office is not exercised.

What are the fees?

The costs for the appointment as an authorized district chimney sweep are 328 euros in accordance with 76.1.2 of the General Fee Ordinance (AllGO).

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

The appointment of the authorized district chimney sweep is limited to seven years, but ends at the latest at the end of the month in which the appointed person reaches the age of 67.

An authorised district chimney sweep may reapply for another sweeping district at the earliest two years after the appointment for a specific sweeping district has taken effect.

Processing duration

If the documents are complete, the application will be processed.


  • Contradiction
  • administrative court action

What else should I know?

Without the appointment as an authorized district chimney sweep, the sovereign activities associated with it may not be exercised.

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Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour, Transport and Digitalisation


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